Best Sony Cameras – The All-rounder, All-round Alpha Camera

The Canon Rebel line of point and shoot cameras continues to dominate the digital camera market, but what about the best Sony A7S II camera? Is it as good as the Canon Rebel line? And which camera is best suited for those who aren’t professional photographers, but still take great photos? It’s a question many have asked before, and the answers may surprise you!

When it comes to size, the Sony A7S II is actually smaller than the Rebel line-up of cameras, even though it has the same interchangeable lens. And the newer Sony A7S III, a whole-frame mirrorless camera, a step ahead of the impressive Canon EOS R5. These are very powerful systems aimed at professionals and amateurs, but Sony has also created Cyber-shot compacts with fixed lens for all types of users, from families to travel photographers and even vloggers who need high-quality shots in a tiny camera small enough to fit into a pocket.

For those still on the fence about the Sony Aps-C Sensor Line-up, here’s some good news. While the Aps-C III has the same internal memory as its predecessors, it also has more built-in flash, a larger user-accessible memory card, and better high-speed autofocus. The Aps-C III also has a higher maximum aperture, better manual iris control, faster shutter speed, and a shutter button with a delay. On top of those features, the best cameras don’t stop at size.

We’ve already looked at the top-of-the-line Sony Aps-C Sensor Lineup’s size, and what makes them different from one another is their lens selections. While the Aps-C III’s lenses are the same as in its predecessor, they’re now available in two completely separate lines, the Alpha line up which includes a lens specifically for best sony cameras in the night (the Alpha 7500) and the Xenon line up which offers a compact lens perfect for professional photography. In addition to the two interchangeable lens lines, Sony has also expanded their digital camera line with an extensive range of miniature cameras. The best Sony cameras now include the Alpha NEX E-mount, the most advanced mini digital camera currently on the market. These handy little devices include a 1.6 inch CCD sensor, a self-contained mirror, and an extremely compact design.

While the Aps-C III does everything an advanced point-and-shoot can do, it does it with a little more class and sophistication. The bigger image quality sensors of the Alpha line up are just that, a little bit sharper, and some models even offer faster autofocus and a self-cleaning sensor. For amateurs, or perhaps inexperienced photographers, the Aps-C III may not be enough. But for professionals and those who take great images consistently, they’re definitely worth the price.

For the photographer looking for the best Sony cameras, whether for their APS-C or mini APS-C line, or for a professional level camera all round, the all-round alpha camera is without a doubt the Aps-C series. If you need a smaller, more compact camera with all the features and performance of the larger a7r, then take a look at the excellent Aps-C III. And if you need the image quality and features of a full-sized professional level camera but don’t want to compromise on image quality, then take a look at the new smaller a7r.