Lego star wars minifigs Through the Ages: A Collector’s Guide


For many Lego enthusiasts, the iconic minifigs in the Star Wars business are the most cherished pieces. Not only do they generate exciting thoughts, but they can even be saved in pristine condition for many years with good care and servicing. Let’s look into how you can ensure your loved Minifigures keep harmless and search great!

Standard Cleansing

Your star wars mini fig ought to be cleaned out frequently to keep them hunting their very best. A gentle, wet fabric can be utilized on our bodies components and headpieces, although a rather much more coarse fabric should be employed to nice and clean any colored parts. Make sure to not use an excessive amount of water when washing a delicate wipe is perhaps all that may be required. To completely clean any grime in the crevices or joint parts of your respective Minifigures, use a small clean including a classic toothbrush or paintbrush.

Storing Remedies

Proper storing for your minifigs is very important for keeping them safe from dust, dirt, and debris. You might want to consider buying a exhibit circumstance specifically designed for Minifigure collections, since these give enough safety without taking on excessive room. Otherwise, in the event you don’t have place for the exhibit case you can buy personal plastic-type instances or totes specifically designed for storing Lego parts these may help maintain your figures organized and totally free of dust and dirt develop-up.

Steer clear of Sunlight Coverage & Heat Harm

Sunlight publicity can cause discoloration as time passes, so it’s advisable to retailer your Minifigures from sunlight whenever you can. Similarly, excessive temps like heat or chilly can harm the plastic material stay away from saving it in attics or backyard garden sheds where temperature fluctuations are standard. Also, keep in mind some glues include chemicals which may dissolve plastic-type material pieces with time if you’re using adhesive on any of your figures ensure it is created specifically for use with Lego pieces only!


Looking after your Lego Star Wars Minifigures will assure they remain in good shape for many years. Typical cleansing with delicate humid cloths or brushes may help remove any dust build-up, although appropriate storing remedies like specific situations or show circumstances will protect them from sunlight publicity and intense conditions. Lastly, always make sure that any glue suited for your figures is designed specifically for usage with Legos only – this can make sure that no chemicals melt away any plastic-type material pieces as time passes! Using these ideas in mind, you’ll have the ability to enjoy playing with (or exhibiting!) your dearest Lego figures for quite some time into the future!