Access a collection of basic chords (chord dasar) that are easy to learn to play

The acoustic guitar is one of the most widely used musical instruments worldwide. Thanks to its rhythmic versatility, it can be included in various musical genres.
Even so, learning to play the guitar is a task that requires dedication and perseverance. Determination in both aspects can make a big difference when learning to play the most songs on the guitar.
In this sense, is a great portal for learning guitar, providing access to thousands of sheet music for songs from Indonesia and all over the world.
For free, users can apply this proprietary method to learn to play their favorite songs using the guitar chords (Kordgitar) available on the site. Everyone can learn with chords that are easy to play, sound great, and make music more fun and at your own pace.

A good method to play guitar

One of the main challenges beginners face when starting to play the guitar is maintaining the enthusiasm to keep going. Having at your fingertips the ability to access a collection of basic chords (chord dasar) that are easy to learn to play can help you stay motivated and notice your progress.
It is a great advantage to get the chords of the music you like the most and the songs you want to learn little by a while having a great time.

Learn to play guitar with the music that makes you fall in love

Learning to play the guitar can be as fun and easy a process as you want it to be. Even the most complex songs can be learned to play perfectly by having at your fingertips guitar key chords (chord kuncigitar) that you can find easily and for free on this site.
The scores of the songs you like the most will excite you in a very special way and allow you to be more constant while progressing in the process. For this reason, it is a very particular method that many musicians have also adopted to increase their musical repertoire.