Adam Tracy, Top Business Consultant in Major High-Risk Industries

Risk consultant Adam Tracy is a professional philanthropist with more than 20 years of experience and can help hundreds of clients worldwide. He earned his Bachelor of Finance and Bachelor of Science in Computer Applications from Notre Dame.
He subsequently earned a master’s degree in Business Admiration from the DePaul Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. At that same time, he also earned a Juris Doctorate from DePaul Law School. In addition, he has obtained money transmission licenses in all 50 US states.
Tracy has also obtained cannabis and related licenses in 5 jurisdictions in the United States. As lead attorney, he managed the $15 million sales of the daily deals e-commerce website.
Adam Tracy, the industry’s foremost risk consultant
Adam Tracy offers to consult in different high-risk sectors such as:
• Blockchain: You will receive a professional consultancy to review each project phase. He creates a strategy that focuses on your specific needs to achieve success. They also offer different pieces of training for you to understand blockchain technology.
• Fundraising: Tracy and his team of consultants can customize their services to meet your business needs. They offer pre-launch marketing, conversion rate optimization, online advertising, content creation, email marketing, Kickstarter marketing, Indiegogo marketing, geographic analysis, etc.
• Non-Fungible Tokens – Adam Tracy brings you the best NFT marketing strategy to grow your audience, revenue, and connection. They offer you: Customizing your brand, reaching your potential audience, NTF for digital marketing, NFT Listings, creating a community, etc.
• Payments: Electronic payment methods continue to grow, and with the help of the business consultant, you will be able to help you have a broader and more secure payment panorama. Adam Tracy’s goal is to enjoy a successful strategy with transactions, including B2B payments, cash, card, consumer remittances, retail consumer payments, etc.
Additionally, Tracy offers advice on cryptocurrency, metaverse, and token offerings to believe in today’s market.