All you should really know about the organic chianti wine

A organic Chianti wine (vino chianti biologico) is a type of wine that has been bottled without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Therefore, it makes it a healthier option for those who enjoy red wines. In this blog post, we will take a look at organic Chianti wine and how you can go about finding some.
Why should one drink organic Chianti wine?
There are many reasons to start drinking organic wines, but two of the most common include health benefits and environmental friendliness. Studies have shown organic wines to contain more antioxidants than non-organic wines because they aren’t using pesticides or fertilizers during their growth process.
It can make it a healthier option for everyone who enjoys red wine. Additionally, there is also less risk involved when consuming an organic product over something that has chemicals sprayed onto it or into it daily. You will be able to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing this type of product, which means doing your part to help save our planet.
How to serve organic Chianti wine?
Organic wines are best served at a temperature of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so you will want to take it out of the fridge about an hour before drinking. You can expect white wine, rose, and sparkling wines to be on the colder side, while reds are usually warmer for them to properly breathe. If your chianti has been aged for more than two years, you can also try storing them slightly below room temperature, as this is known to enhance their flavours even further.
What types of organic Chianti wine?
There are several different kinds available, including Chianti DOCG, which is produced with grapes grown within certain regions in Italy that does not exceed 85 per cent combined, or they must have 100 per cent Sangiovese grape. In addition, if the wine is labelled as Chianti Classico, it must come from grapes grown within an even smaller region in Italy, which has stricter regulations.