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Inside a game of football, fair engage in is expected from both squads that happen to be on the field of engage in combating to the prize cash. In order to impose the guidelines of engagement, guidelines are set that can information the carry out in the players as the hostilities go on in between the opposite squads. When you register for the football program (โปรแกรมบอล), you will have accessibility inside information of anything that issues the enjoying and organization in the activity.
We will probably be talking about the discolored greeting card and the red credit card. They may be two various punishments that are given to players that co versus the policies of proposal on the field of enjoy. The goal of these two greeting cards is to ensure that sanity is taken care of and controlled on the industry of engage in through the gamers. The center referee takes care of the two credit cards and concerns them at his discretion, which is dependant on the gravity of your offence committed from the player.
The discolored card is distributed to a participant that commits an easy offence about the discipline. Each time a player gets a yellow card, he will be added to the wrist watch set of the referee. An additional yellow card will result in immediate dismissal without substitute. Wise mentors make judgements fast by swapping athletes which may have received a yellow card in order to avoid taking part in one player short of the state variety of 11 athletes.
There are many guidelines associated with the discolored greeting card, which may be obtained through the soccer ball plan (โปรแกรมบอล). If any gamer receives a next straight arranging in a complement, he will likely be issued a reddish card. It means the player’s involvement from the go with has finished. He has to leave the field of engage in. In which the offence is adjudged serious, a person could be granted a directly reddish colored greeting card.