How to Correct Knock Knees Without Surgery

In this article, I will explain how to correct knock knees without surgery. The hips are involved in the way your legs align while you walk, so a hip strengthening exercise can correct knock knees. To start, lay on the floor with your legs straight. Lift one leg up while keeping the other straight. Repeat this process 10 to 12 times. You can also perform step-ups to correct knock knees without surgery.
Sumo squats are excellent exercises for correcting knock knees. These exercises activate the hip flexors, which push the knees outward. When performing these exercises, be sure to perform them at a 45-degree angle with your feet wider than your shoulders. Repeat this exercise until you have completed all four sets. Depending on your ability, this exercise may take up to a year to fully correct knock knees.
When treating knock knees in children, remember that it is a natural part of the development process. Most children will outgrow the problem on their own within two to eight years of age. However, if your child’s knock knees are more severe, you may have to undergo some tests, such as an x-ray or blood test, to determine what the cause is. If you’ve determined that knock knees aren’t genetic, you can begin correcting your child’s condition by following a simple exercise routine.
Despite the fact that braces are expensive, orthotics can be used to correct knock knees without surgery. While they require consistent wear and use, they can significantly reduce pain and other knock knee symptoms. Without resorting to surgery, knock knees can be corrected using orthotics; however, in order for orthotics to be successful, they need to be worn correctly. Because of the potential for high costs, it is important to investigate your available health insurance options before scheduling a visit to the physician.