How to make a logo at a lower price

Getting a killer logo will help you to transform your business into a money-making venture. The cost of a logo varies from method used from using the DIY designs to hiring a graphic designer. Whether you want to use to make your logo or crowdsource, first understand the following.

Doing it yourself
If you want to flex your design chops, take a stab at making your logo. It’s a great challenge to create a logo that fits your brand and uses it across channels. Here, the highest cost is your own time to craft a logo on paper and choose the right design software. You do this to bring the sketch to life. The advantage here is that you will have complete creative control over the software you will use. If you don’t know about logo designing, then seek help.

Buy a logo template and customize it
You will save on the time and effort needed to create a logo from scratch using the premade templates. You will take time to alter the colors and the generic text to your business brand name.
The templates here come with more logos and offer brand package and social media designs. Read and understand the template description to know what you will get. You will access more features with a paid version of the software you are using.