How to Stop a Puppy from Pulling on the Leash

If you’ve ever used your dog on a walk, then you have seen some leash tugging. my dog pulls on the leash for various factors, but the most common are excitement, insufficient instruction, and worry. In this post, we’ll explore what causes leash-tugging in dogs and how to avoid it from happening.

Enjoyment: Among the major reasons why dogs move on the leash is that they are interested in becoming outside and exploring new stuff. They are able to get so caught up in the second which they overlook their manners and commence to tug at their leashes to get where they really want to go speedier. It’s crucial to understand that this really is a typical conduct for many dogs, although it should always be addressed with correct coaching strategies.

Deficiency of Instruction: One more cause of leash-taking is lack of education. If your dog hasn’t been properly educated on how to stroll on a leash, they could not recognize that it’s not ok to draw or tug on it. A properly-trained dog should realize that jogging calmly beside you is anticipated behavior when in public or around other creatures.

Anxiety: Anxiety can even be a factor when considering to leash-taking conduct in dogs. If your dog feels afraid or in danger by some thing they see while out in public (one more animal, noisy noises, and so on.), they could take action by pulling far from it as being tough as they possibly can within an try to get away quickly. That worry response can occur itself as leash-yanking if your pup isn’t employed to simply being around certain stimuli or hasn’t possessed correct socialization coaching but.


Leash-pulling is a very common problem for dog managers but one that can be easily fixed with a bit of patience and regularity when considering to coaching and socialization. By comprehending why your dog may be pulling—whether it’s expected to enjoyment, insufficient education, or fear—you’ll be much better equipped to street address the issue through optimistic encouragement and a lot of pleasures!