What Could Be The Side Effects Of Consuming An Excessive Quantity Of Ice Cream Strain?

Any individual consuming ice cream strain regularly should also know about its harmful effects on the body. A person should not overdose on the product and must consult with the doctor after every month. It is advised for a person to leave the product dosage for 10 to 15 days between every month. This would help balance the natural balance of the body and keep away any risk of side effects.
Here we would be talking about some of the major side effects that a person faces if they do not follow the right quantity and overdose on it. Consuming it regularly for 1 to 2 years can have a very bad effect on the health, as shown in several types of research. People who are consuming ice cream strain should be aware of its benefits as well as harmful effects to get maximum benefits.
Some Of The Side Effects Of Consuming It In High Quantity-
A. Insomnia
Insomnia is the most common side effect that could be seen in several people who consume it daily. Usually, it is made for treating insomnia, and it has shown great results for people who are unable to sleep at night. But overdosing on it can have adversely bad effects that can cause several problems such as insomnia, depression, and many others.
B. Increased Appetite
If a person consumes it repeatedly on the same day, they can feel no appetite other than the required one. Therefore, it is great to go only with the limited quantity to get the product’s best benefits. People who are low on appetite can consume it, and even it is beneficial for people suffering from problems like diabetes and obesity. But the one essential thing is to consult a medical expert before starting its doses and purchase from a reliable platform.